Sunday, 20 April 2014

Social Media Musings

Hey lovlies!

I just read a great blog post that PolishedWays made regarding adding a graphic signature to your email messages. An excellent post by the way, but it got me thinking and of course I got sidetracked big time.

To make a long and winding story short; it made me thinking about social media presence.

This blog post is not about giving answers, it is rather about asking questions to be honest.
Asking myself how I manage my social media presence.

I have a blog. I use Twitter and Instagram. I have Google+, I have YouTube.

A lot of the "big bloggers" are awesome at making all their social media work seamlessly together. At least that is how I perceive it. For me it is quite a struggle though. I want to be "professional" but sometimes I feel that I am losing the grip of things. I tweet and I post on Instagram and I blog and I make YouTube videos, but there is no FLOW. Am I making any sense here?

As I wrote earlier..this post is not answering any of my questions, but I do feel that it helps to put my thoughts on print.

Are any of you who blog also struggling with questions like these?



  1. I wonder if you ask them if it flows if they will say yes. Most of the times our perspectives of others are totally off. Keep up the good work.

    1. You are probably right! I am sure it is a struggle for most of us.
      Thanks! :)